Obstetricians & Gynecologists in Honolulu, HI

Ko’olau Women’s Healthcare is focused on the health of mothers and their babies. It is the top priority of our physicians, certified midwives, and nurse practitioners to help each patient achieve an optimal level of health when visiting our locations in Kailua, HI and Honolulu, HI. We also operate out of three local hospitals: Castle, Queens, and Kapiolani, with the ability to perform VBACs at Queen’s as well as Kapiolani.

In addition to offering several convenient locations, our physicians possess special training and knowledge to treat patients with complex obstetric and gynecologic conditions using minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Eesha Bhattacharyya is even able to complete a hysterectomy through one small incision in the belly button, which drastically reduces the amount of scarring and recovery time endured afterward. The uterus, ovaries, cysts, and fibroids can all be removed with this advanced form of robotic surgery.

We make every effort to accommodate urgent appointments as quickly as possible.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

We Welcome New Patients


Visit our clinic for gynecological care and care for gynecologic disorders such as Pap smears, cervical cancer screening, and routine exams.


We offer obstetric care, high-risk pregnancies, midwives, family planning and prenatal support.


Ko’olau Women’s Healthcare uses one small incision in belly button to do a Hysterectomy. Fibroids or cysts can also be removed this way.

Hospital Delivery

We can perform VBACs at Queens and Kapiolani, and support high-risk deliveries, and preterm deliveries at these locations.



Gynecological Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Your gynecologist has seen and heard it all. Some women, though, become embarrassed about discussing certain topics and avoid telling their doctor about symptoms and specific changes with their bodies.

Honolulu office closed Tuesday August 4, and Wednesday August 5

We had a water emergency that is requiring us to close the office for two days this week.   We are drying out the office to make sure it is clean and to prevent future damage to the office.

COVID19 Testing Hotline 691-2619

To get tested call the COVID19 hotline at 691-2619.  You will be screened by a registered nurse, and then they will refer you to the appropriate testing facility. 

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